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SC01 Series Charging Cabinet

Material: SPCC and Aluminium alloy
Finish: Electrostatic power paint


Charging cabinet provides collective charging and centralized management for tablets, laptops or smart digital devices.It is commonly used in schools,hospitals, business enterprise, restaurants, hotels, supermarket and other public area to make the charging more safe,convenient and environment friendly.


1.Available for all brands of tablet computers, mobile phone below 12 " charging.

2.The bottom of cabinet with highelastic belt brake rubber wheel is to make the cabinet easy to move.

3.The circuit is equipped with a power management protection system, anti-overload, short-circuit and anti-leakage to ensure the personal safety of the user.

4.With ABS plastic compartment in the cabinet, the tablet is layered separately to prevent the tablet from being scratched.

5.The overall frame adopts a circular arc design, which greatly reduces the impact of the human body.

6.There are scattered vents on the left and right to effectively discharge the hot air inside the cabinet.